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Anderson Takes Super Series Win

Anderson Takes Super Series Win at South Alabama

By Mark Chisum

Augie Grill is a household name in Southern racing circles. The Alabama driver is a star in the South, and also a threat to win when he shows up at a track. Cole Anderson is a newcomer on the Southern racing scene. The Northfield, Minnesota driver hooked up with Florida car owner Anthony Campi in late 2015, and is beginning to make some noise in the South. Two thirds of the way through the Southern Super Series Diamondback 125 at South Alabama Speedway, it came down to a battle between the veteran and the newcomer. Anderson was up to the task, taking the lead from Grill with 13 laps to go to take his second straight series win.

Rains knocked out qualifying, so the field was set by points, putting Donnie Wilson and Chris Davidson on the front row. Davidson got the jump from the outside to grab the lead. Davidson led the first 18 laps before Grill took control. Davidson began to slip through the as Chandler Smith, Anderson, and Wilson got by. Anderson moved into second on lap 37AT the halfway point, Grill led Anderson, Smith, Wilson, and Stephen Nasse.

Grill continued to until the race’s only caution on lap 85. On the restart, Anderson got outside of Grill, outrunning him to the line to lead laps 86 and 87. Grill fought back to lead lap 88, with Anderson leading the next four. Grill, on the inside, wore Anderson down, and Anderson fell in behind Grill. Grill led the next 19 laps, but on lap 113, Anderson moved inside of the leader heading into turn one, taking the lead exiting turn two. Anderson led the final 13 laps to take the win. Grill was second, followed by Nasse, Kenzie Ruston, and Kyle Plott.

Corbitt Moseley continued his winning ways in the Super Stock Feature. Moseley had to come from the back twice to secure his latest win. Starting in the rear, Moseley made his way through the field, but spun trying to take the lead on lap eight. Restarting on the rear, Moseley sliced through the field quickly, taking the lead from his son, Brian on lap 19. Corbitt Moseley led the final laps with the race ending under red conditions. Brian Moseley was second, followed by Cameron Henderson, Jeremy Burchfield, and Ricky Harrelson.

Gary Davis returned to Victory Lane in the Street Stock Feature. Davis led all 25 laps and was never challenged in the race. Jake Daniels came from fifth starting spot to finish second. Daniel Davis was third with Travis Slawson fourth and Billy Maxie fifth.

Charles Gardner took the lead on lap nine and went on to win the Roadrunner Feature. Tim Peters led the first eight laps before Gardner took over the lead. Jason Kendrick came from the tenth starting spot to finish second, but couldn’t erase Gardner’s lead. John Singletary finished third, followed by Peters and Danny Monaghan.

Joseph Chandler took the lead on the second lap and went on to win the Coyote Feature. Wesley Goleman led the first lap before Chandler took control. Hunter Worley came from the eighth starting spot to finish second. Goleman was third at the end of the race. Michael Smith and Bobby Moak rounded out the top five.

In the Mini Sportsman Feature, Dylan Wolfe held off a late charge ny Benjamin Henderson to take the win. Wolfe led the first three laps before Terry Brown took the lead for two laps. Henderson took the lead on lap six and led until Wolfe regained the lead on lap 14. Henderson followed Wolfe until the final turn when he dove inside exiting the turn. Henderson’s charge came up a foot short at the line. Jamie Ater was third, followed by Adam Sowell and Kim Pierson.

Action continues at South Alabama Speedway on July 23 with a 75 lap Modified Feature, plus feature races for Super Stock, Street Stock, Roadrunner, Coyote, and Mini Sportsman. For more information, contact the track at (334) 565-3539(334) 565-3539, or visit the track’s web site at www.southalabamaspeedway.com.


Southern Super Series

Diamondback 125

1.      Cole Anderson

2.      Augie Grill

3.      Stephen Nasse

4.      Kenzie Ruston

5.      Kyle Plott

6.      Donnie Wilson

7.      Chris Davidson

8.      Chandler Smith

9.      Korey Ruble

10.   Allen Karnes

11.   Johnny Brazier

12.   Chris Fontaine

13.   Bret Holmes

14.   Casey Smith

Super Stock

1.      Corbitt Moseley

2.      Bryan Moseley

3.      Cameron Henderson

4.      Jeremy Burchfield

5.      Ricky Harrelson

6.      Jody Davis

7.      Tim Peters

8.      Don Huff

9.      Darrell Cawley, Jr.

10.   Jamie Ater

Street Stock

1.      Gary Davis

2.      Jake Daniels

3.      Daniel Davis

4.      Travis Slawson

5.      Billy Maxie

6.      Dwayne Maloy

7.      Dean Shaw

8.      Adam Salter

9.      Steven Cawley

10.   Eli Bell


1.      Charles Gardner

2.      Jason Kendrick

3.      John Singletary

4.      Tim Peters

5.      Danny Monaghan

6.      Michael Hurst

7.      Mike Wolfe

8.      Joey Deaton

9.      Adam Butts

10.   Jason Monaghan

11.   Zack Alford

12.   Wade Burgans

13.   Zach Butts

14.   David Davis

15.   Michael Wolfe, Jr.


1.      Joseph Chandler

2.      Hunter Worley

3.      Wesley Goleman

4.      Michael Smith

5.      Bobby Moak

6.      Anthony Johnson

7.      Mason Powell

8.      James Harris

9.      Tim Richardson

10.   Jonathan Johnson

11.   Stephen Magwood

12.   Ralph Sanders

Mini Sportsman

1.      Dylan Wolfe

2.      Benjamin Henderson

3.      Jamie Ater

4.      Adam Sowell

5.      Kim Pearson

6.      Jason Fowler

7.      Justin Beck

8.      Aaron Wolfe

9.      David Bobo

10.   Cameron Roos

11.   Randy Henderson

12.   Terry Brown

13.   Gage Williamson

14.   Kylie Tharpe

15.   Daniel Parker

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