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Crocker Breaks Through

Crocker Breaks Through in SAS Modified

By Mark Chisum

Donald Crocker has chased Korey Ruble all year in the big Modified races at South Alabama Speedway. He finally caught a break Saturday when Ruble experienced mechanical issues requiring a late pit stop. Crocker took over the point and led the final thirteen laps to take his first win of the year.

Ruble led the way in qualifying and immediately jumped in front of outside starter Crocker. While Crocker was able to stay close to Ruble, he could never make a move for the front spot. Eventually, Ruble began to put a little space between Crocker and himself. However, as the race wore on, smoke began to trail from Ruble’s car. With the smoke getting heavier, and lap times slowing down, track officials decided to throw a yellow to check the track, and Ruble’s car. A broken oil line was found, and Ruble was sent to the pits for repairs.

Crocker took over the point, but Ruble wasn’t done. Track rules allow for crews to work on cars under red flag conditions, so while the track was being cleaned up, Ruble’s crew was making the repairs. He returned as final touches were being made, but had to go to the end of the pack. While Crocker sped away from the field, Ruble sliced through the field. Ruble got some help when the yellow flew again on lap 69. Crocker led with Joe Aramendia second and Ruble third. While Ruble was fighting to get around Aramendia, Crocker was easing away. Ruble got past Aramendia with five laps to go, but Corcker led him to the checkers by 1.5 seconds. Aramendia was third, followed by Donnie Hamrac, and Adam Crawford.

Gary Davis took the lead on lap six and went on to win the Street Stock feature. Todd Valdez took the lead on the first lap and led until Davis took over. Davis quickly came from the sixth starting spot, moving into second on lap three. Jake Daniels moved into second on lap 11 and chased Davis the rest of the way. Valdez slipped back to third at the finish. Daniel Davis and Billy Maxie rounded out the top five.

Charles Gardner took another win in another exciting Roadrunner feature. Jason Kendrick took the lead from the pole with Gardner following. Gardner was able to work his way under Kendrick to grab the lead on lap four. As the crossed under the flagstand, Gardner and Kendrick got together with both hitting and sliding down the wall. Somehow, both were able to continue, although they had to restart in the rear. Danny Monaghan gained the top spot, but Jason Singletary took the point one lap later. Monaghan fought back to regain the lead on lap 12. Meanwhile, Gardner and Kendrick were hustling their way back through the pack. Gardner moved inside of Monaghan on lap 17 to take back the lead. It took Kendrick four more laps to move into second. With the race going green the final 32 laps, Gardner was able to ease away from Kendrick to take the win. Tim Peters experienced problems in qualifying and had to start on the rear of the field but came back to finish third. Singletary was fourth with Monaghan fifth.

Tim Richardson held off a late challenge from Joseph Chandler to win the Coyote Feature. Wesley Goleman led the first two laps before Richardson took over. Over the next few laps, while, Chandler was working his way from the back, Richardson built a big lead over the field. The race went green all 25 laps, which was the advantage Richardson needed. Chandler was able to cut into Richardson’s lead, but ran out of laps. Goleman was third, followed by Hunter Worley and Stephen Magwood.

The CupLite Feature outcome was decided in post race tech. Shep Lucas took the lead on lap four and held off Jack Whittle to take the apparent win. However, in post race inspection, a carburetor spacer plate was found on Lucas’s engine, a violation of series’ rule, and he was disqualified, giving the win to Whittle. Randy Henderson was awarded second place with Charlie Hercus and Keith Hutchinson.

Justin Beck picked up his first win in the Mini Sportsman Feature. Adam Salter led the first three laps with Kim Pearson taking over on the fourth circuit. Pearson led the next four laps until Beck got past on lap eight. Beck had to hold off Adam Sowell before securing his first winner’s trophy. Pearson was third in the final rundown. Fourth and fifth went to Dylan Wolfe and Benjamin Henderson.

Action continues at South Alabama Speedway on September 10 with Feature races in all seven local classes. For more information, contact the track at (334) 565-3539(334) 565-3539, or visit the track’s web site at www.southalabamaspeedway.com.



1.      Donald Crocker

2.      Korey Ruble

3.      Joe Aramendia

4.      Donnie Hamrac

5.      Adam Crawford

6.      Lance Blacker

7.      Rick McCarson

8.      Garret Richardson

9.      David Capps

DNS Skylar Strength, Keith Joiner

Street Stock

1.      Gary Davis

2.      Jake Daniels

3.      Todd Valdez

4.      Daniel Davis

5.      Billy Maxie

6.      Eli Bell

7.      Steven Cawley

8.      Dylan Wolfe

DNS Dean Shaw


1.      Charles Gardner

2.      Jason Kendrick

3.      Tim Peters

4.      John Singletary

5.      Danny Monaghan

6.      Adam Salter

7.      Mike Wolfe

8.      Joey Deaton

9.      Zack Alford

10.   Mike Wolfe, Jr.

11.   Jason Monaghan

12.   Adam Butts

13.   Zack Butts

14.   Mike Hurst

15.   Bobby Rhodes

16.   Aaron Wolfe


1.      Tim Richardson

2.      Joseph Chandler

3.      Wesley Goleman

4.      Hunter Worley

5.      Stephen Magwood

6.      Ronald Roeting

7.      Anthony Johnson

8.      James Harris

9.      Billy Killingsworth

10.   Mason Powell


1.      Jack Whittle

2.      Randy Henderson

3.      Charlie Hercus

4.      Keith Hutchinson

5.      Dylan Northey

6.      Kenny Parker

7.      Karl Williams

8.      Carroll Williams

9.      Daniel Parker

10.   Adam Salter

DQ Shep Lucas (1)

DNS Jason Cain, Cory Tillman

Mini Sportsman

1.      Justin Beck

2.      Adam Sowell

3.      Kim Pearson

4.      Dylan Wolfe

5.      Benjamin Henderson

6.      Aaron Wolfe

7.      Adam Salter

8.      #10 No Driver Name

9.      Michael Floyd

10.   Gage Williams

11.   Terry Brown

12.   Cameron Rous

13.   Johnny Childree

14.   Timothy Watson

15.   Kylie Tharpe

16.   Jason Fowler

17.   Jared Watson

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