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General Rules


The promoters have the right to refuse entry to anyone for any reason, without obligation.  Such refusal is final without any recourse for appeal or protest.

Any persons involved in any form or protest or demonstrations at or against the speedway may be fined, suspended, or permanently barred from speedway and or future events at the speedway,

No driver, car owner, or crew member shall have any claim for any damages, expenses, or otherwise, against the promoter, owners, or officials by reason of disqualification or damage to either car or driver, or both.  By taking part in the racing activities they agree the track is safe condition and will comply with all rules.  Drivers are responsible for the construction and safety features of their cars.

Pit Area

Anyone entering the pit area agrees to a vehicle search by the track authorities for contraband ( alcoholic beverages, drugs, or weapons).  This search is a condition for entry into the pits and participation in any event.  All persons agree to breath test.

The race director and/or the flagman will have complete control of the race track and interpretation of all rules in that area.

The pit steward/line up coordinator will have complete control of the pit area at all times, and the interpretation of the rules in that area.

All cars must be numbered on both sides and the top.  Numbers must be at least 18″ high.  Numbers are limited to 2 digits only.. no letters or symbols are allowed.  Numbers must be oriented so that they are facing the tower when you cross the finish line.

Arm bands must be worn to enter pits.  Arm bands are tickets, hold on to them in case of rain out.  No one will be admitted from a rain out without their arm bands.

No one 17 and under will be allowed in the pit area with out signing the insurance form.  Forms have to be filled out by a parent or legal guardian.  These forms will be kept on file at the speedway.

In the event of an accident or injury, no one should touch the injured person except for qualified rescue personnel.

No one will be permitted on the race track or to cross the race track without permission.


Drivers meeting is mandatory.

Unless otherwise director by track officials, heat race line ups will be determined by drawing of pills.  if you are not present at the drivers meeting to draw, you will start in rear of feature race.

No mechanical work can be done to a race car while it is on the track.  Under yellow flag condition driver may work on car, if he does, then he will be sent to rear of field.  Under red flag conditions driver my come to pits and work on the car, but will restart at the rear of the field.  Also under red flag, driver only may stop on race track and inspect car and/ or set tire pressure.  Any other work on track must be done in pits.

If you return to pit area at anytime, you cannot re-enter the track under green flag conditions unless directed by pit steward when he deems appropriate.  Any car that pits under yellow or red flag conditions will restart at rear of the field.  If you re-enter without permission you may be black flagged for consultation.

If a driver of another car in the race wishes to switch cars this may be done.  The driver will have to go to the rear.

No car may race in more than one class/event per night.  Drivers may race in more than one event per night.

Driver switch places with another driver will be considered a relief driver.  Points and money will go to the driver that started the race.

After the caution or red flag, cars will be lined up according to the order they were running on the last completed lap.  Cars causing the flag will restart in the rear.  If you are unsure about your starting position, pull beside the car in the position you believe is yours.  The line up man will verify your starting position.

After each feature, first, second and third place cars will go directly to the front straight for pictures and trophies.

Decisions of the track officials are final.  Any questions concerning these rules may be addressed to proper officials after the race program is over.  Do not stop on or come to front straight to dispute any calls.  Your questions should be addressed in an orderly manner.

A car may move up to the next class during normal weekly races if approved by the promoter and tech inspector.  You may move down only one time, second time you race in an upper class your car stays in that class.

Promoter reserves the right to requite a driver and/or move to a higher class to promote the betterment of racing.

Any driver changes must be authorized by line-up man.  Failure to obtain this authorization may be cause for disqualification.

Drivers are responsible for the conduct themselves, their crew members, and their families anywhere on the track property.  Do not let someone else get you dq’ed.  The driver will be the only spokesperson recognized by the track officials.Driver changes will be made in the pits only.


If you do not start a heat race, you will start in the rear of the feature race.

Car and driver must be signed in or it will not be scored.

If you have any questions or complaints about scoring, wait until after the completion of the nights events to consult with the scorers.  at that time they will be able to explain and discuss the decisions in question.  Do not at any time come to the tower to voice a complain, this could result in your disqualification.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action may consist of warning, suspension from one week to indefinite.

Disqualification from that event, that night, the whole season. points and money for the night. season, fines or any combination of the above.

If you or any member or your crew come to the front wall to argue, hassle or fight with any person you may be subject to disciplinary action.

Fighting at anytime will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.  Rough driving, swearing, obscene gestures, or languages will not be tolerated and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Any person causing a race to be stopped may be subject to disciplinary action.

Swearing and threatening track officials or their families will not be tolerated and WILL be subject to disciplinary action.

Promoter reserves the right to require fines be paid before driver will be allowed to compete.

When a driver or person is suspended, suspension may include all practice sessions, grandstands, and/or pits.

General Tech

Cross member does not have to meet frame height rule.

Tech inspector has final say in interpretation of rules.  All decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

Technical inspection will cover-

Eligibility under the rules

Minimum safety requirements

Appearance, must be neat and clean

Leakage of liquids

Tech Inspector/ track reserves the right to:

Determine the timing, method, and type of cars inspected

Quantity of cars to be inspected.

To inspected any car at anytime that it is on track property

impound for any length of time, any car or part for inspection

limit the number of people in any area where inspections are taking place

Impound any car involved in any accidents or injuries

Limit the number of people involved in a protest

Define the penalties for rules infractions in a protest.

Tech inspector/track reserves the right to confiscate any parts deemed illegal.

The fact that an infraction has not been noted or discovered doesn’t make it legal.

If a car that needs to be tech due to disqualification of another finisher has left the track property that car will also be disqualified.

Tech inspector/ promoter reserves the right to modify any or all of the rules in any class to promote the betterment of racing or to compensate for low participation.

Tech inspector/promoter reserves the right to combine, eliminate or add classes as deemed necessary for the betterment of racing or to compensate for low participation.

Penalties for cars found illegal thru tech or protest:

Must start in rear of heat and features for next weeks that compete

Special races may be excluded

First time, loss of points and monies for all events that night

Second time, loss of points and monies for all events that night. and $100 fine

Third time, loss of points and monies for all events that night and $250 fine

Fourth time, loss of points and monies for all events that night and possible suspension


Protests must be filled in writing by the driver the same class within 10 minutes of feature completion.

Protesting Driver and Protested car must have finished in top five.

Maximum of 2 protests by a driver in a year.

Every item that is being protested must be in writing or it will not be checked.

Discovery of illegal items not on the protest may result in dq, but not loss of protest

Losing party of all protests must pay $50 tech fee to tech inspector.

Winning party retains all money posted for protest.

Cost of protest:

Top end- what can be checked with intake and one head remover. $200

Complete Engine tear down. $750

Rear End check ( Spool, Ratio, Etc) $ 50

Transmission removal, torque converter or clutch assembly $ 250

Protesting party may designate 1 person to oversee protest.

May be driver or another person, but only 1 person will be allowed in protest area.

Protested party is allowed 3 people total.

Tech inspector reserves the right to refuse an protest if he believes it is being done out of spite or to hassle another driver.  Protesting is a privilege, not a right.

Any act of unsportsmanlike conduct in protest or by either crew is adequate reason for that party to lose protest.


In addition to specific class rules, following rules apply to all classes

All drivers must wear neck braces, or approved safety devices. No exceptions.

Fire suits and approved helmets are mandatory

Approved engine shut off switch must be in reach of driver while buckled in

Approved fire extinguisher must be in reach of driver while buckled in

Window nets are required and must be able to be lowered

Latch must be in front upper corner of net.

Any batteries in drivers compartment must be enclosed and securely fastened

Roll bars within reach of drivers arms, legs, or head, must be padded.

No antifreeze in any cars. $50 fine mandatory.

All fuel cells must be mounted in a steel container.

4 point racing belts required.

Driveshaft loop at front of driveshaft required all classes.

Tire Rule

Absolutely no soaking, treating, softening, or modifying of tires for any class will be allowed.

Absolutely no products or chemicals intended for the use of treating tires will be allowed on the property of South Alabama Speedway.  Minimum $100 fine confiscation of product.  All vehicles entering the pits are subject to search for these products.

Any tires that are found to be treated will result in confiscation of tires and $100 fine for first offense.  $250 for second offense, and on the third offense will result in suspension of car and driver for the remainder of the year.  If infractions are found after an event this will also result in loss of all points, money, disqualification from all events for that night.

Tires will not be checked by request but will be done entirely at the discretion of the track official.  These rules are in effect during all events, practice, track rental. and any other events on SAS property.

All decisions by track officials regarding these rules are final and not subject to appeal.

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