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Rattler 250 Race Procedures

Race Procedures for Southern Super Series

Rattler 250


  • Qualifying order will be determined by reverse order of received entries.
  • Everyone will get two timed laps.
  • Once you have taken the white flag, you have an official time. No re-qualifying.
  • If you miss your turn in line, you will only get one lap.
  • Starting lineup will be straight-up by qualifying times.

Race – 250 green laps. Cautions do not count.  Ten tires allowed.  The original start is at the designated line in turn 4.  If we do not finish a green lap, there will be a complete restart with cars that pit or receive assistance on the rear.


  • Caution flag – Stay in line. To settle position disputes we will revert to the last green lap on the computer. Pace car will pick up field. Pits are closed. Follow pace car to start-finish line. Cars can double up at the line to pit. If you pit out of order, restart tail end of line.       There will be a competition caution on or near laps 100 and 200. All cars must pit and may change tires at this time. Cars will return to the track in the same order they were running at the caution.


  • Red flag – Stop behind pace car. Pits are closed. When track is cleared, field will move under yellow. Pits will open. If pit stop is made under red, restart tail end of line.


  • Restart – All restarts will be double file. At the 1 to go signal, lapped cars will move to the rear of the lead lap cars. The 1st car a lap down when the caution fell will be given a ‘free pass’ around the pace car and credited with a lap. Also, any cars behind the pace car that are on the tail end of a lap will be given a ‘wave-by’ until the leader is the first car behind the pace car. The leader may then choose to restart on the inside or the outside. From third place on back the rest of the cars will alternate inside and outside lanes. When leader gets to the designated line in turn 4, he can go.       Everyone should remain in their lane until the start-finish line. Note: No ‘free-pass’ will be given during the last 10 laps of the race or if the designated car was involved in the cause of the caution.


  • Finish – After the white flag is out, the next flag is the checker.       If there is a problem, the yellow light will come on along with the green. Race to the finish. If the track is blocked, the red will come out and we will finish green/white/checker.

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