Saturday Night Racing

 Information on Spotlight Races:

  1. You will qualify for position- European Style

    1. Will take place last round of your practice session.

    2. You can only go out ONCE – when you come in you’re done

    3. Fastest lap during that session will be your qualifying lap

  1. Will be a DOUBLE point’s race

  2. There will be NO inversion from previous race Top 3, that will happen on next regular race

  3. Total laps will depend on car count.

    1. A 25 lap feature will be based on 10 cars. If you have 11 cars- it will be a 30 lap feature, 12 cars a 35 lap feature, 13 cars a 40 lap feature, 14 cars a 45 lap feature and 15 plus cars will be a 50 lap feature.

    2. All except the Mini- Sportsman & Mini-Cup class

  4. Payout will be based on car count as well

  5. There will be a Meet & Greet at intermission


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