Saturday Night Racing

September 13

Modified, Street Stock, Roadrunner, Coyote, Mini-Sportsman

** Modified Extended Race**

$1000 to win (up to 10 cars*- for every car over 10 $50 added to winners amount)

50 Laps ( based on 10 cars- every car after 10 – 2 laps will be added to race with max of 75 laps)

$35 CAR Entry Fee

AFTER car count reaches +15— 2nd – 5th place will receive and additional $100 to their prize money.

Cars will Qualify for starting position – May invert Top 5

$100 to start race ( IF you purchase your RACE tires from South Alabama Speedway and have the receipt for THIS RACE (September 13 Modified Race tire purchase) will you not make less than $200 to start this race

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Website Currently Being Rebuilt

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the website.

We are currently working on completely rebuilding it, focusing first on restoring all of the content, with the most relative and important information regarding the remainder of the 2014 season FIRST.

Then, once all of the content is restored, we will begin to make the website look pretty again.

Please bear with us through all of this work. Check back regularly to view the progress if you’d like. It should take a few days to get back just right. — PB

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